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Why Are My Glasses Crooked?

  • by: Adelaide City Optometrist
  • February 1, 2023

There are multiple factors as to why your glasses may be crooked. This comes down to your lifestyle and how often you wear your glasses, to your facial structure and more.

What to do if your glasses are crooked

If you notice that your glasses are slanted or you can feel one side pressing on your head more than the other, then you probably need a minor adjustment. Usually, you can go to any optometrist to have an adjustment, however we recommend going to the place that you purchased your glasses from as any adjustment is at your own risk.


What does a glasses adjustment involve?

Usually when doing an adjustment for crooked frames, it involves key parts of the frame such as:

  • Temples: curling the ends, using heat to “hockey” the frame around the ears so they don’t slip off your face when you are looking down or are being active
  • Nose pads: gently squeezing the nose pads to make them sit higher and firmer on the face, or gently pushing them out to result in more of a relaxed fit
  • Nose bridge: for acetate only, heating up the bridge and from the sides pushing to curve the frame more to fit firmer on the face


5 reasons you have crooked glasses

#1. Wrong Frame Size

Whether it is an oversized look or a small fitted look, sometimes we pick a frame depending on the stylistic purpose, but it may not be comfortable or the right size for you. If you are choosing a frame, make sure to always have a professional assist you in the choice and sizing. If, for whatever reason, you have purchased the frame and only realise after then most of the time an exchange is possible as long as that frame is made in multiple sizes. When considering a frame, it is always good to ask if they do come in different sizes just incase. To learn more about frame sizes, read our frame fitting guide.


#2. Prescription Lenses

If you have a higher prescription, the lenses tend to be thicker which can distort the frame on one or both sides. This means it would sit at an awkward angle on your face. Our optical dispensers tend to recommend a higher index for higher prescriptions to avoid this, as sometimes it can break the frame or chip the lens if it is too thick.


#3. Frame Materials

Your frames can be made out of materials such as: metal, nylon, injected acetate, acetate, titanium, aluminium alloy and more. Materials such as acetate or plastic frames, require heating to manipulate and bend the area which needs shaping for your face. Metal frames can generally be adjusted without heat, and with tools such as pliers (handle with care: we suggest letting an optical dispenser handle your frames rather than a do-it-yourself situation)

Keep in mind that plastic frames can warp and change in warm temperatures, so if you find that over summer they are changing shape more frequently, this could be the reason why!

#4. Handling Them Incorrectly

If you have multiple pairs of glasses, then it is likely you will be putting them on and off all day. If you are known to put glasses on your head or pull them off unevenly, then over time you will notice that one side will be looser or winer than the other. It is important when taking off your glasses and putting them on, that you are doing so with both hands. It is also suggested that you do not put glasses on your head as that can also pull or manipulate the arms and nose pads, hence, crooked glasses!

Close up on a young woman forehead wearing sunglasses

#5. Uneven Ears

Everyone has a different face symmetry, so not every pair of frames will sit perfectly on the face. Having uneven ears means the way that the temples (or arms) of the frame may need to be uneven as well. To do this we need to heat up the temples and lift one side (the side that appears higher on the face). This will balance out the frames on your face and make it even.

To summarise, crooked glasses are completely normal and it does not mean the quality of your glasses are any less. However, there are many ways to prevent crooked frames and if you stick to this list, it will mean less visits to the optometrist!