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Contact Lenses

Finding the Perfect Contact Lens

Every eye is unique with their own visual needs. Adelaide City Optometrist’s contact lens exam and fitting process is incredibly detailed and will help us find the best contact lenses to fulfil your visual needs. We will give you care instructions and a tutorial on how to fit and remove your contact lenses.

Book an appointment today and we can start the search for your ideal contact lenses.

3 Easy Steps to Contact Lenses

Step 1
It starts with a comprehensive eye test. We will review the health of your eyes, confirm your prescription and make sure you are a good candidate for contact lenses.

Step 2
It’s now time to take your corneal measurements. Using a machine called a corneal topographer we measure the curvature of your cornea. We review your tear film, eye lids and the tear glands. All these measurements help us to find the perfect contact lens.

Step 3
Using all the information we have gathered, we will pick out a trial pair of contact lenses that you can wear at home and work for a few days. If you are happy with them, we will write out a contact lens prescription and supply you with lenses. If not, we will keep trying until we find the right ones.

Contact Lens Step-By-Step Guide Video