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Multifocal Lenses

Multifocal lenses have power for near, intermediate and distance vision, allowing you to see at almost any distance. The lenses work by changing power from the top of the lens through the bottom.

Do you struggle to see in the distance and up close? Have you been considering trying multifocals? Take our quiz to find out whether multifocals are right for you!

But first, here are our top tips for new multifocal wearers.

Quick Tip 1: The Smallest Adjustment To A Frame Can Make A Significant Difference To Your Vision

If things are not quite as good as you had expected, speak to your optometrist. It might be as simple as adjusting your frame to achieve the perfect fit.

Quick Tip 2: It's Not Unusual For Things To Feel A Little Strange When You Try Your New Multifocal Lenses For The Very First Time

There can be many reasons for this, and quite often, perseverance for two weeks is enough for the “adaption” period to settle down.

Quick Tip 3: Try Your New Glasses For The First Time First Thing In The Morning

We don’t like change – so make the change less dramatic by starting when you are fresh in the morning, before your eyes and brain have adapted to your old glasses.

Quick Tip 4: Measure The Distances That Are Most Important For You For Close Tasks, Such As Reading And Computer Use

If you turn up with all your measurements, then your optometrist can design a multifocal lens in your new glasses. Don’t rely on estimates of distances as multifocal prescribing needs more precision than an estimate gives. Plus, we take digital measurements of your eyes and frame, to ensure optimal vision.



Multifocal FAQs

What are multifocal lenses?

A multifocal lens is like having three prescriptions in one! Your multifocal lenses allow the user to have multiple prescriptions built into one set of lens without the harsh link of a bifocal lens. Doing so allows the user to only have one set of glasses as opposed to a pair for reading material, driving vision and distance intermediate.

Why am I struggling to see out of my multifocal lenses?

If you’re struggling seeing out of your multifocal glasses, it may be because you need your frame adjusted or simply some more time to allow your brain to adjust. Your brain takes time to adjust to a new prescription, a new types of lens and potentially the different size of a new frame. Transitioning from wearing bifocals to a multifocal can be challenging due to the different field of vision and portions of the lens. However, the vision correction in this lens design will make you give up your reading glasses for good.

Why have I been recommended multifocal lenses?

On average, our eyes change regular at every 20 years in our life. Most of us will get our first pair of bifocal and trifocal (multifocal) lenses at age 40. Your optometrist may recommend multifocal lenses if you frequently interchange between distance vision, near vision and office vision. Multifocal lenses help those who wear glasses in a constantly changing environment refrain from the frustration of taking your glasses on and off throughout the day.

What is the difference a multifocal lens and a bifocal lens?

Many people believe that multifocal and bifocal lens are the same thing. However, this is not the case.Bifocal lenses only has 2 prescriptions in them whereas multifocal have three. The prescriptions for a bifocal lens are often a distance and reading prescription whereas your multifocal will have reading, distance and an office prescription for somewhere in between.

Where can I get them?

Multifocal lenses are available at most optometrists. Here at Adelaide City Optometrist, we offer a variety of multifocal lenses with multiple options including coatings, heights, finishes and more. We offer the latest in lens technology and want to give our customer the best when it comes to progressive lenses. Our studio also ensures to take measurements when fitting you for a multifocal frame ensuring each part of the lens will work for your specific vision.

Can you get multifocal contact lenses?

Yes! You can now get multifocal contact lenses in a variety of different types from optometrists in Adelaide! It can take a few tries to find the best fit for you so we recommend seeing your local optometrist to recommend you trials and having an eye test before purchasing your first pack. Call us on 08 8224 0819 to organise a trial today!