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Face Shape Guide

Your face matters. Your fit matters. At Adelaide City Optometrist, we consider the shape of your face when choosing the perfect eyewear. We have created the Face Shape Guide to help educate and suggest what might fit best. Let us assist you in finding the perfect pair that best represents your style, personality and life.


Your forehead and cheek bones are wider than your jaw line. You also have a pointy chin. You’re best suited in frames that add length to your face, notably small or medium sized.


The length and width of your face are about the same. If you have a round face, your cheekbones are just the widest part of your face, and your jaw will be curved. Add definition with angular shapes, that are slightly larger than your face.


Your face is similar in length and width. You have a strong and boxy jawline and cheekbones. This face shape has strong definition, which should be toned down with round frames.


You have a large jaw, with a small forehead and cheekbones. Avoid small frames, and try for something square.


Lucky you, you can wear almost any frame! Your forehead is slightly wider than your chin. The length of your face is roughly one and a half times the width.