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How to Choose Glasses for your Face Shape

  • by: Adelaide City Optometrist
  • May 31, 2021

When it comes to choosing frames, your face shape is one of the most important parts of that process. Why? Not only will identifying your face shape confirm how you will look in the glasses but also will address how comfortable you will be wearing them, since they should fit like a puzzle piece. It is also important to create a balance with the frames you pick so they doesn’t clash with your natural features.



To determine your face shape and spectacle style that will look best on you, have a look in the mirror and compare it to the face shape guide below. There will be obvious contours and shapes that you will notice about your face which fit into a certain category. There are about six primary face shapes and alongside those, complementary frame shapes.


A round face shape has no sharp angles and the same height and width across the whole face.

If you want to make the face appear less round, it can be a good option to go for narrow frames or frames with a clear bridge to give that effect.




An oval face shape is considered ideal as it can be quite proportionate all round.  To maintain balance, it is important to look for frames which are wider than  the broadest part of the face.

Walnut or semi rounded frames work really well.





Diamond face shapes are narrow at the forehead and jawline but broaden at the cheekbones.

This face shape is quite rare, so it is recommended to find frames that are a bit more distinct (with detailing or

strong brow lines)

Another option is rimless spectacles or cat eye frames.





A heart-shaped face has a wider top half and more narrow towards down the jawline.

Usually to balance this shape, it is recommended to choose frames which are wider at the bottom. Thin, light coloured frames can be good as they are more subtle.




Square face shape has roughly the same proportions all around. A broad head and strong jawline.

It is important to try and soften this with glasses that are more narrow as well as frames that have more width than depth.



Similar to the square face shape, the rectangle face shape is roughly proportionate all around yet appears narrow and longer than the square shape.

To make a rectangle shape appear shorter, try wearing frames that have more depth than width.

Details such as decorative temples or added colour add depth to the face.




Below are some examples of glasses that balance and compliment certain face shapes. In particular, the eyewear brand ‘lool‘ use unique shapes and angles, and this shows how these glasses can be paired with the right face shape. Kaleos Eyewear also have quite bold, strong frames.

Depending on if it is a plastic or metal frame can actually make a difference in how the frame shapes your face. Above you can see the inverted triangle shape with a large, metal frame, and even though it makes a bold statement, it still is not as strong as a plastic frame would appear to be. On the diamond face shape, a bold, square, plastic frame suits well with the structure of the face.

The example of a round frame with a square face compliments as it breaks up the harshness of the jawline and the bright colour also takes away the attention of the face shape.

The aviator style for the rectangle shaped face is an example of still having a unique frame without it overpowering or being too bold for the face as the face shape is already quite prominent.



It is more common than not to have a mix of face shapes as not everything is usually symmetrical. If this is the case, it is important to follow the rule of thumb which is to firstly ask yourself if you do want a bold or subtle frame, and from there to choose a frame that will balance out your facial features and structure. (i.e. round glasses with a square face)


At Adelaide City Optometrist we offer frame consultations, where our expert in eyewear, Nadia, will guide you into picking the perfect frame for your face shape. If you are unsure if you need glasses or not based on your vision, please book an eye test with us today.