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Sunglasses on Trend for Summer

  • by: Adelaide City Optometrist
  • October 25, 2021

Each season, new trends arise in the world of fashion. The overall pace of current shopping trends has sped up due to the pandemic, and businesses have had to alter the way they sell their products and ‘speak’ to their audiences. This involves social media apps such as Tik Tok, where everyone is looking for the latest trend in fashion, makeup, cafes and dance.


Sunglasses might be a small accessory, but they can have a large impact. So what does this summer have in store for eyewear? Shop pairs of re-vamped aviators, return to the 60’s with the mod shape and stay cool with a rectangular option (and don’t forget the tinted lenses!)

Let’s have a look at the sunglasses on trend for this summer and get you a new pair of shades!


60’s Mod Madness

Think vespa scooters, mood rings and lava lamps! If you want to immerse yourself in the 60’s this sunglasses trend is for you. The variety of mod sunglasses on the rise this year is stupendous to say the least. What is so appealing about this pair of sunnies you ask? The bug-eyed shape has a thick acetate rim and oval lenses, giving it a ‘retro’ feel. Mod sunnies are likely to have bold colours which compliments the time they were born, as the 60’s were all about colour, bold patterns and standing out from the crowd.


Kaleos ‘Franklin’









Kaleos ‘Woodhouse’

Avant-Garde Aviator

There’s no pair of sunglasses like the aviator frame. Aviator sunglasses or “pilot’s glasses” were originally developed in 1936 by Bausch & Lomb for pilots to protect their eyes while flying. (Explains the name aviator). The aviator was used in films over the years and they rose to popularity due to the celebrities who wore them and the ‘cool’ factor which became associated with them. The creative new-age designs of the aviator involve acetate frames and the traditional metal, as well as different shapes and ways to rework the double bar.

Cutler and Gross ‘1394 Aviator’ (Available in sun)


Pascali ‘Ellis in Matte Charcoal’

Carrera ‘Flaglab 11 Special Edition’

Curvy Cat-Eye

The exaggerated cat-eye currently in fashion consists of bold acetates and a variety of curvatures in the frame shape. Although the classic cat-eye shape will never officially go out of fashion, keep a close eye on the latest shapes as you will be seeing them frequently across runways, in magazines and on the streets. An example of a modern twist on the cat-eye sunglasses is our PASCALI LEXI frame which has a more subtle look and a more rounded curve for those who would like less of a cat’s eye.

Pascali ‘Lexi in Praline Tort’ (Available in sun)


Sabine Be ‘Be Bikini Line’ (Available in sun)

Rectangle Redux

Narrow rectangular sunglasses are definitely on trend for Summer 2021. There is something so satisfying about this fashionable style as people generally prefer oversized sunglasses. Designers such as Off-White and Saint Laurent have incorporated these styles into their runway looks. Also if you add the tint it gives that extra ‘wow’ factor to the rectangular frames. One of the rectangular frames we have been loving at the moment is the Kaleos Barbarella frame. The colour tones and thickness of the acetate are quite unique and bold.

Kaleos ‘Barbarella’

Cutler and Gross ‘0692 Rectangle’


Sunglasses Trends to look forward to… (or ‘Micro’ Trends)

Some sunglass trends fall into the micro-trend category, not quite as popular but still stick around for a season or two. These include geometric sunglasses, shield sunglasses, mirrored sunglasses and flat top sunglasses.

Which pair of sunglasses were your favourite?

We hope you found our Sunglasses Trends blog post useful! Stay tuned for the next eyewear trend blog.