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Sabine Be Bikini Line

Sabine Be’s Bikini Line frame is a sleek design with crystal acetate throughout. This frame is available in 8 colours. Feel sassy when wearing these frames!

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be like to be. be like to exist.

Sabine be quickly established itself as a designer of different glasses on the optical planet for only four short years.


Sabine Be

A passion that makes it possible to overthrow mountains, to pierce walls, to materialize initially unachievable projects. An intense motivation coupled with a formidable breakthrough on five continents to effectively distract the heart.
Eye Width


Bridge Size



Shiny Crystal/Shiny Midnight Blue, Shiny Crystal/Shiny Klein Blue, Shiny Crystal/Shiny White, Shiny Crystal/Shiny Red, Shiny Translicidal Yellow/Shiny Solid Yellow, Shiny Crystal/Shiny Purple, Shiny Translucent Turquoise/Shiny Solid Turquoise, Shiny Translucent Pink/Shiny Solid Pink