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5 Tips to Stop Your Glasses Fogging Up

  • by: Adelaide City Optometrist
  • October 15, 2021

Human’s are lucky. If you have poor vision it can be corrected with a pair of glasses and the required prescription. This allows you to appreciate the world the way people with 20/20 vision do. However, glasses can get in the way of many activities in life and become a hindrance. This includes the latest annoyance: glasses fogging up whilst wearing a face mask.


The COVID-19 pandemic has challenged us with all sorts of things…one of them being the awkward combination of glasses and masks. As wearing a mask has become the norm in society, we have to adjust to this change in the best way that we can. That is why it is good to know all the tips and tricks on how to prevent foggy glasses.

Please tell me why my glasses keep fogging up when I’m wearing a mask?

The short answer is: condensation. When warm air hits a cool surface, condensation can form. While wearing a mask, it is important to ensure there are no gaps between your nose and glasses for air to escape. Follow the tips below to prevent being fogged up!

Tip No. 1: Anti-Fog Spray/Cloth

Zeiss’ new AntiFOG Kit does wonders as a spray and cloth combo:

  • Prevents fogging and misting of spectacles, sunglasses, goggles and camera lenses
  • The combination of the spray and cloth can make your lenses stay fog-free for up to 72 hours without influencing optical quality.
  • Thanks to the specially developed microfibre cloth, this process is quick, gentle and does not damage the lens coating.

Step 1: Clean your glasses with a regular lens cleaning spray to make sure the surface is clean of oils and any other grime that may be present.

Step 2: Spray the Zeiss AntiFOG Spray on to the AntiFOG cloth and massage the inside and outside of the lenses thoroughly. (This provides a protective coating/film on the lens to prevent the fogging.)


Step 3: Use the other side of the AntiFOG cloth to wipe off any remaining residue.


Step 4: Put on your glasses and enjoy the defog experience!


Tip No. 2: The Pinch Trick

When using surgical masks (or masks which contain a metal band), pinch the metal part of the mask which sits on your nose bridge. Ensure you squeeze it tightly to the nose to avoid any air escaping. As seen below.


Tip No. 3: The Twist Trick

The twist trick involves making the strings around your ears a bit tighter so the mask sits more firmly on the face. To do this effectively: twist the strings once and then place them behind your ears, if you need to twist it again to adjust it better, feel free to do so. We show this trick to our patients when they come into the practice and it works pretty well!


Tip No. 4: Tissue

Using a tissue can help block the moisture reaching your glasses. Simply fold a tissue and place it under your mask where it sits on your nose and face. This option can be uncomfortable for some and work for others, but there is no harm in giving it a go! If this doesn’t work, you can also use medical tape to literally stick the mask in place.



Tip No. 5: Good Quality Mask

Since the pandemic began, masks have been ‘available’ (and sold out) left right and centre…in saying that, it doesn’t mean that every mask you see is good quality or an appropriate option to prevent against COVID-19.


Buying stylish fabric masks or cloth masks online may look fashionable and suit your outfit but usually make it more difficult to breathe or can be really uncomfortable to wear.


The following masks are approved by the TGA AND WHO: (not limited to these masks)

  • Disposable surgical masks (single use only!)
    Very breathable and flexible, buy in bulk

  • KN95 mask (single use only!)
    Effective filtration from airborne particles or liquids contaminating the face

  • Lululemon Double Strap Face Mask (Reusable!)
    Comfortable fit, sturdy strap, two-layer mask

If there is a shortage or you cannot get your hands on the above masks, not to worry, as the infectious diseases specialist Dr Paul Griffin said when it comes to choosing which mask to wear, “any mask is better than none.”


Wearing a mask that isn’t approved by the health department suggests you won’t be protected against COVID-19 so it is important to keep that in mind when choosing a mask.


We hope this blog post full of tips and tricks to stop your glasses fogging up helped you stay “de-fogged” whilst wearing a mask! Our AntiFOG Kit is available in store or online to purchase at your convenience.