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Zeiss AntiFOG Kit


If you wear spectacles, you’ll understand how irritating it is when your lenses fog up. It becomes especially difficult to see when you play sports, have a hot drink, or cook. Zeiss AntiFOG Kit is a convenient solution for glasses that can keep your lenses fog free for up to 72 hours. This means clearer, more comfortable vision, even when you have to wear a face mask.


1 AntiFOG Spray

1 AntiFOG Microfibre Cloth


For best results when using ZEISS AntiFOG Kit, the lenses should first be cleaned using a regular lens spray to remove any excess dirt/grime on the lenses. Once the lenses are completed dry, spray both sides of the lens with the AntiFOG Spray. Next, rub the AntiFOG Cloth evenly and generously on both sides until the surface is completely dry. The thin layer of coating should last for up to 72 hours. You should repeat this application process as the effects begin to reduce with time.


It is important to keep a regular routine of disinfecting and cleaning your glasses to keep consistent hygiene.