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2021 Eyewear Trends

  • by: Adelaide City Optometrist
  • February 26, 2021

2021 has certainly started off differently from 2020! Being able to go out to events, restaurants, catch up with family and friends, involves many pairs of glasses and it can depend on the situation. And of course, a new year means new eyewear trends!

When selecting a a pair of glasses it can be a tricky process to find the right ones. This is why it is more common now for people to have multiple pairs of not only sunglasses but optical frames. Choosing a style involves a variety of decisions on what suits your face shape, skin tone, eye colour, and your state of mind.

The following are the current 2021 eyewear trends we have noticed based on the popularity of styles in our store.


We are still finding that people lean towards bolder and brighter glasses at Adelaide City Optometrist. Our statement bold frames are our very own, Paul Fotkou’s brand ‘PASCALI‘. Made for the individual who may have larger features or for people who can appreciate oversized frames. Not only are these frames custom made to the wearer, but they are made locally so you are also supporting a South Australian small business.


Model wearing Pascali James frame



If you are looking to make a fashion statement, then look no further than our titanium frames. The brand Orgreen, has been making a name for itself here in Adelaide and we can see why. The lightweight material is very comfortable (it doesn’t feel like you are wearing glasses!) and the sleek design and radical colours create interest very quickly. We hope this brand sticks around for awhile as they are currently our best-sellers!

// Model Arch by Orgreen


// Model Femme by Orgreen
// Model Hemisphere by Orgreen



Clear acetate continues to be a staple trend amongst many brands as it continues into 2021. Available in brands including Gucci, Cutler and Gross, Karen Walker, Moscot and more, this material allows the attention to be fully focused on its wearer‘s face. Not to be confused with boring however, the frames can be jazzed up with gold detailing through the front or a pop of tort along the arms. The material is classy and sweet, giving its wearer and timeless and chic look to never go out of style.

// Model 1313 by Cutler and Gross
 // Lemtosh by Moscot
// Burnt Orange by KameMenNen


Round frames are making a comeback and a very big one at that. The rounded shape suits square or rectangular shaped faces well and compliment many outfits. These are considered classic styles, and we can appreciate that the younger generations are raving about this trend.

Another of the 2021 eyewear trends we can appreciate is the geometric shapes for metal glasses. The brand designers are getting more creative with their pieces and nothing screams unique and classy like geometric eyewear shapes. The fashion eyewear brand Etnia are pushing the geometric shapes, and they are doing very well on the market.

Thin metal frames are here to stay, says the New York runway, with designers including Burberry, Chloé and Valentino all featuring models wearing the timeless specs. For a retro style, metal is a material that can’t be looked past for any wearer, male or female. An oversized gold metal frame on a female wearer can look feminine and sweet whilst small round gold frame on a male wearer will give a vintage appeal and well-educated look. Although mostly created in gold, silver and rose gold, metal frames are now also becoming more popular in colours with Masunaga leading the charge.


// CE2159 by Chloe
// Titan by Masunaga
// Garland by Kaleos



For the really daring, bright frames are definitely on the cards for the festive season of 2020. At Adelaide City Optometrist, we love to push people out of their comfort zone and getting them try on frames they never would’ve picked up. Our motto is, if you’re going to wear them every day, you want to have something fun which will cause people to notice and comment on the whenever they see you. For us, you can’t go past Sabine Be when it comes to bright. The bold mix of colors and out there shapes may not be for everyone, but when you see someone in the street, you can’t help but stare.


Fortunately, we have very professional consultants who can help you pick a pair of frames that will suit your style the most. Please make sure to visit us to pick out your trendy pair of glasses today!


// be cat’s slim by Sabine Be


// be addict stripe by Sabine Be


// Be Square Swell by Sabine Be



// be yin by Sabine Be


What did you think of our list of 2021 eyewear trends?