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The Best Glasses for Driving: DriveSafe Lenses by Zeiss

  • by: Adelaide City Optometrist
  • February 3, 2022

Zeiss hit their 175 year milestone near the end of 2021…and have achieved an incredible amount within the 100+ years.

One of the latest innovation Zeiss have introduced is the ‘ZEISS SmartLife Lenses’. These lenses have been carefully crafted to suit every age group and custom to the age of the individual. Apart of this range are the DriveSafe Lenses which are customised for the individuals who love to drive.


The everyday pair of glasses for driving.’

Being able to see well is a prerequisite for safe driving because on the road our eyes are working overtime. If you are not checking the rearview mirror, the speed dial, GPS or looking ahead, you are also experiencing changes in light and surroundings.

The DriveSafe lenses are made especially for driving. If you spend a lot of time on the road; driving to work, go caravanning and on road trips, they will be ideal for your lifestyle. The wide view range is excellent for shifting your focus and checking your peripheral vision. Drivesafe are designed to have anti-glare and are light lenses to keep the wearer at ease and comfortable throughout the day.

These lenses help you:

– judge distances and driving situations more quickly,

– improve your night and day visual comfort,

– reduce irritations caused by reflected lights and

– ensure you can quickly and easily adjust your viewing focus to your driving surroundings (especially for progressive wearers)


ZEISS Luminance Design Technology

Zeiss DriveSafe features an optimised lens design that takes into account the size of our pupils in poor light. The result: improved and unimpaired vision when driving in poor light.


ZEISS DuraVision DriveSafe lens coating

With DriveSafe, Zeiss has used a special new coating to take into account the many different situations during driving when our eyes are confronted with glare.

The DuraVision® DriveSafe coating by ZEISS partially reflects wavelengths in the high-energy, visible portion of the blue light spectrum. This includes the band around the wavelength of 450 nm. DuraVision®DriveSafe Coating by ZEISS therefore reduces discomfort glare by up to 64%* compared to premium AR coatings.

Currently, ZEISS are offering a buy 1 get 1 50% offer with their lenses. Whether you need a distance and near pair, or a pair of sunnies and optical, this is a great chance to have 2 pairs of quality Zeiss lenses to assist your vision.

DriveSafe are available as single vision or multifocal depending on your visual needs. An added bonus is the full UV protection in each pair of clear ZEISS lenses. 



When tested amongst consumers:

94% perceived wide fields of comfortable vision for intermediate and near tasks.

88% experienced relaxed vision at all distances.

9 of out 10 rated the quality of vision with ZEISS SmartLife Lenses positive.


Here is an abstract from the company about the product:

‘We live in a fast-paced world, constantly connected to people, information and things, both on- and offline. We have our eye glued to digital devices even when we are on the move. This fast-paced lifestyle often leads to eye strain. 

See clearly and stay sharp all day long with ZEISS SmarLife Lenses. With fields of view across all distances and in all directions can improve your clarity of vision, no matter what your age.’

Zeiss have focused on the individual’s visual strain issues which we all suffer in the digital age. Visual challenges change over time, therefore the requirements of your lenses do as well.



– Recognise there may be some eye strain due to time spent on smart devices

– Understand that some individuals would be wearing single vision lenses for the first time

– Recognise there is a lot of time on the go and switching between online and offline



– Recognise higher level of eye strain at the end of the day

– Recognise visual needs may be higher



– Recognise that a higher percentage of individuals require reading glasses

– Recognise that a higher percentage of individuals require multifocal glasses



– Recognise that a percentage of individuals have higher prescriptions and require above a 1.6 index lens


Visit us in store to discuss more about the ZEISS lenses and what would suit your lifestyle.


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