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RAEN // Eyewear by the Coast

  • by: Adelaide City Optometrist
  • July 14, 2023

Introducing RAEN Eyewear

RAEN eyewear was born on the shores of San Diego in 2009. This seemed like the perfect location as the scenery and lifestyle reflected what the creators, Justin, Jeremy and Jordan had envisioned for the brand. In a destination focused on surfing, expression and creativity flow freely in and out of the water.

Why was RAEN Eyewear created?

Before RAEN began, the market offered ‘sporty’ styles of glasses, such as wrap-around frames which lacked craftsmanship. RAEN wished to offer a brand of glasses that were made for the people who enjoy the surf lifestyle but who also want a premium product that looks good whilst functioning how glasses should.


Excerpt by the RAEN creators:

‘we are undeniably influenced by the salt in the air and the vibrant energy of west coast culture. Our quest to create essential modern classics keeps us evolving and inventive. It is an outlook of optimism uniquely our own. One defined by timeless values and a spirit of adventure. Looking forward, we aim for the exceptional.’


What does RAEN mean or stand for?

The thought process behind the name came about due to a few factors. The first factor is that they wanted it to be cryptic, short and memorable, the second factor is that they wanted it to have a connection to water. Rain = RAEN. As they are based on the coastline this fit in nicely with the brand’s values and purpose.


What demographic wears RAEN?

There is no set demographic that wears RAEN. This is because the shapes are quite classic, and we have seen a range of age groups trying them on in-store and it has looked great no matter what. If anything, the marketing and vibes of the brand lean towards the younger generation’s but it shouldn’t stop other generations from wearing a pair.


Are RAEN handmade?

Every RAEN frame is designed in the Californian studio, and made to the exact original vision. All of the acetate is unique and custom combinations. The frames are hand-guided cutting and hand polished and we see the value in that as opposed to being made in a factory.


Do they come in different materials?

Originally only offering acetate as it gives a more natural and ‘warm’ feel to the frames, they now have released their titanium and metal ranges as well, for those who would prefer a different material. (Currently only offer acetate in-store)


Why have ACO taken on this brand?

When we stumbled across this brand, we realised what we were missing in our selection. The range is great for those who want something classic and not over-the-top with colour and shape. We could see the quality of the frames and recognised the importance of a good price range to suit that demographic who are not inclined to buy glasses on a regular basis. We also appreciate a good back-story and this eyewear brand sure has us feeling as if we could be the golden state after all!


ACO supply over a dozen of RAEN’s optical and sunglass styles in-store. Please enquire if there is a particular model you are after to see if we have it available in store.