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PASCALI Eyewear is a range of unique eyewear, designed and made in Adelaide. The man behind the brand is Paul Fotkou, owner of Adelaide City Optometrist.

The entire concept started from his love of glasses and his clients.


“I began to see people in my practice who were searching for something different. They did not want to fall into the mould of mainstream glasses that were being mass produced overseas.”


Having always been a sucker for vintage frames, Paul combined this with his interest of contemporary trends, which is how the PASCALI designs were born.


“From the get go, I was certain that the quality of the frames were not to be compromised. My focus for PASCALI is on quality craftsmanship and creativity with no bounds.”


The entire process of creating PASCALI frames is completed in Adelaide, from the design through to the hand crafting process. Behind the creation of each frame is a 50-step process.

The manufacturing process includes:

  • The milling of the frame front
  • Insertion of front hinges
  • Heating and bending of the frame front
  • Attaching nose pads
  • Heating of the sides and insertion of coring wires with hinges
  • Cutting the sides to shape, creating temples
  • Polishing of the frame and temples in barrels with a wood medium for 4 days
  • Assembly of the finished frame – cutting demo lenses, lasering frame details and final hand polishing

Each PASCALI design is limited edition. The colour combination is unique and chosen specifically for the client; they are one offs. Plus, each frame is made to order.

Paul has over 20 years of experience as an optometrist and opened Adelaide City Optometrist in 2014. It is his knowledge of both frame and face shapes, and eyewear dimensions, that reflect the quality and exclusivity found within the PASCALI eyewear.

The range currently consists of two models, Pascali and Sarah. Pascali is Paul’s Greek name, while the latter is named after his wife.

PASCALI Eyewear can be found exclusively in store at Adelaide City Optometrist.