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  • by: Adelaide City Optometrist
  • October 5, 2023

Charlie, Charlie, Charlie… the bookworm, the vintage, the old soul. The Pascali Charlie frame is here and it is here to stay! We hope you like the Charlie as much as we do.


The charlie has dropped in 5 colours: Tort, forest green, deep blue, black, and dark tort. But as usual, you can ask one of our friendly staff in-store for other colour options that may suit you best.


CHARLIE SPOTS – This combination of tort is so refreshing, it had to be included in the line up. After seeing torts all of the time, you tend to look for the one that stands out the most, this is she.


CHARLIE FOREST – Shades of green have been trending in the fashion world on and off for the past few years (even Prada are utilising these shades for Fall) So it is safe to say that including a shade of green in each of our releases is a must. After all, green is the new black.


CHARLIE NIGHT SKY – If colour is not on your radar, perhaps you would opt for a deep blue? Close enough to black, but not as stark and can soften your complexion. That was the idea behind this colour.


CHARLIE INK – The O.G. We don’t need to explain anything here because let’s be honest, black is the safest option, it goes with everything and it is a good option if there are no other colours to your liking.


CHARLIE JUNGLE – Something a bit fiery and warm. This acetate was chosen for its warmth and multitude of colours within the pattern, a colour we have not done before!


We are so excited to introduce Pascali Charlie, which is available now in-store to try on or buy. Visit this page if you would like to see the rest of our Pascali collection.

127 Gilles St,