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  • by: Adelaide City Optometrist
  • September 20, 2022

Another day, another Pascali model being released. We’re excited to announce the next edition into the family…the Pascali BASS frame!

Bold and structured, the Bass frame gives a sophisticated and distinguished look to its wearer. There are a few similarities between the O.G. Pascali frame and the Bass, however the qualities of the Bass shine on their own.

We personally love the singular bridge as it gives a modern feel to the frame as well as the deep-set lenses which work well on larger faces.

In the first release of the frames, we chose 5 colours to showcase in our store.

BASS CHARCOAL – A classic, you can’t go wrong with a matte charcoal. This shade goes with practically any outfit and any skin tone.


BASS HONEYCOMB – A soft, warm colour to wear all year round. Everyone need’s more honey in their life. It almost brings back the 70’s with the colour tones which you would see draped on walls, suit ties, lounges and so on.


BASS CHOC CARAMEL – Ombre’s are definitely all the rage right now. This bold brown doesn’t appear as overpowering on a face as it gradually lightens down the frame.



BASS OMBRE BLUE – To continue on with the ombre theme, the ombre blue is a gorgeous cool toned frame, finishing in a crystal clear at the bottom. If you have light coloured eyes, these would look incredible on you.



BASS KLEIN BLUE – And last but not least, our super bold and bright klein blue frame! Stand out from the crowd with this vibrant colour. A more reserved frame needs to have a bit of colour, and that is what the Pascali brand is all about.

Pascali Bass is available in-store to try on alongside the rest of the Pascali collection.

Visit our Pascali Eyewear website for more information or enquire in-store. We are located at:

182 Hutt St
Adelaide, SA 5000