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  • by: Adelaide City Optometrist
  • July 29, 2022

The latest drop in the Pascali collection showcases angles, angles and more angles! The Pascali ‘Andy’ frame sets itself apart from the rest of the range when it comes to it’s uniqueness.

Initially, there were 6 different colours created which are available in-store to try on. As all other Pascali’s, you are able to select the colour combination that you would like if these colours do not suit you.


Showcase Andy not Zebra

ANDY NOT ZEBRA – This pattern was chosen due to the popularity of stripes! It was important to have a contrast somewhere on the frame, which ended up being the red on the front edges to give it a stylistic approach.


Showcase Andy Cherry Red

ANDY CHERRY RED – Who doesn’t love a bold red frame? This goes out to all the people who embrace colour and love a bright look.


Showcasing Andy Admiral Blue

ANDY ADMIRAL BLUE – The opposite of the previous frame, a subtle deep blue colour. This is classy and for what it lack’s in obnoxious colour it makes up for with the design.


Showcasing Andy Racing Green

ANDY RACING GREEN – Earthy tones aplenty! With a forest green along the front, a bit of yellow to highlight the inner rim and a rich brown on the arms, the colour combination on this frame is fantastic.


Here are some photos of the frames out and about Adelaide.

Andy ‘Not Zebra’

Andy ‘Cherry Red’

Andy ‘Crystal Clear’

Andy ‘Racing Green’

Pascali Andy is available in-store to try on alongside the rest of the Pascali collection.

Visit our Pascali Eyewear website for more information or enquire in-store. We are located at:

182 Hutt St,
Adelaide, SA 5000