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  • by: Adelaide City Optometrist
  • February 11, 2022

‘Kuboraum are masks designed on the face of those who wear them, masks that highlight personality and emphasise character.’ – KUBORAUM



KUBORAUM is an eyewear brand, dreamed in Berlin, handmade in Italy. It is not for the faint-hearted, as it is structured around bold and creative ways to display acetate. Founded in Berlin in 2012. It combines the Italian artisanal tradition with Berlin based creativity.



The founding duo behind KUBORAUM is formed by artist, sculptor and designer Livio Graziottin and anthropologist, brand, communication & marketing director Sergio Eusebi. The two oversee every aspect of the brand: from design to identity, from image to communication, from photo to video productions, all the magic is developed under their direction.

KUBORAUM has no logo, which is unique for such a creative brand. Every pair of glasses is a mask with its own look and power. The brand is all about the relationship between the daring glasses and its wearer, as the mask doesn’t highlight itself, but it highlights the personality and the features of the person wearing it.



This brand speaks for itself. First things first..

High quality frames. Made from Mazzucchelli Italian acetate, it is handled with care and a strong product.

Creative frame design. The brains behind the frames, Livio Graziottin and Sergio Eusebi have designed innovative frames with the ‘wow’ factor people are looking for. Owning one of these frames is like owning a work of art.

Sustainable ethos. Kuboraum are ‘climate neutral’ and offset their annual greenhouse emissions through planting trees. The goal is to eliminate co2 emissions to zero, and until then, equally distribute responsibility of the emissions among all people.

Niche brand. Adelaide City Optometrist is the only boutique in Adelaide to stock Kuboraum. Which means that if you purchase one of the frames here, you will be the only one wearing that frame. This creates that ‘special’ feel, being the only one to have that frame.


Here are some familiar faces that you may recognise, who wear Kuboraum. The brand is not restricted to any type of person, you only need to have an open mind and to appreciate art.



Our professional staff have hand-selected the models that are currently in-store. There are many considerations when selecting the frames which include: size, colour, creativity, uniqueness, masculinity, femininity, trends and so on. We have the clients in mind, to ensure that the personalities and faces that visit Adelaide City Optometrist, will walk out that door with something fresh, unique and enhance their features.

The frames we have selected include chunky frames, circular frames, cat-eye frames and square frame options.


We have to be honest, the shape of this frame was an instant yes from us. We chose the havana as it compliments many hair colours and face tones, but would definitely love to select the other colours in this range!


Earthy, warm tones are inspired a lot in fashion trends at the moment. We were taken by the mahogany-esque colour as well as the interesting design of the acetate.


The added touch of the knobs on the side-face of this frame peaked our interest enough for us to add it to our collection. Ladies and gentleman, how often would you see someone walking down the street in a frame like this? It screams ‘look at me I have style.’


Seeing the rise of the rounded frame in the past few years, we usually opt to have more rounded metal frames. Which is why having a thicker acetate frame was definitely the way to go. In a Havana, yes we must.


We chose this frame based on the unique colouring, the grey crystal is not a common colour, especially in a super bold frame. As daring as this frame appears, having a lighter tone can bring it back just a little.


The shape of this frame lifts upward at the corners, giving it subtle cat-eye appearance. The softer colouring is elegant and neutral, for those who are transitioning into bolder frames, this is your guy.


If you want a ‘WOW’ factor, then this maske can make that happen. Kuboraum have been known for their creativity, but they have taken it to the next level with this style and design. The handcrafted surface finish sparkles in some light and appears like ripples of water in other lighting.


Ah yes, how could we not include a milky white frame? To make a statement in life, you need take a stand against the norm. The engraved layers add an element of individuality and diversity.


Following the previous frame, we wanted to have the similar detailing but with a different shape and colour. This honeycomb brown is warm and will compliment alike features.

This matte-ified frame, inspires a bat-man and steam punk crossover. If you are looking for a quirky pair of glasses, these will do nicely.


The K5 mask has been made famous by the one and only Oprah. Designed with engraved layers, dissimilar to the previous models mentioned. The highlight is the arch at the top, very bold and very beautiful.


The coral K28. Another pick, based on the uniqueness of the frame and gorgeous colour which some clients will lean towards. This frame is great for those with a pale complexion or for a more subtle add of colour.

Kuboraum is unisex brand. The ‘masks’ are created for the wearer and not for a particular gender.


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