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Introducing Matttew Eyewear at ACO

  • by: Adelaide City Optometrist
  • April 27, 2023

Matttew Eyewear in Australia

Introducing Matttew eyewear, the newest edition of frames for men and women to Adelaide City Optometrist.

The design of the range is centred around originality, creativity and colour.

Matthieu, the owner and designer, is originally from South Korea, but moved to Belgium at a young age. He studied Industrial Design at a prestigious Visual Arts and Architecture school, and found his area of interest writing a thesis on Eyewear design.

“As architecture is my first inclination, it inspires me most.”

Additionally, Matthieu is highly interested in each step of the design process including the consideration of materials, shapes featured, and the manufacturing process.

What can you expect from a Matttew frame?

Each Matttew frame, features a spectacular amount of passion, technical work, precise design, and colour research.

Matthieu emphasises the importance of the creative design, and the brand is intended to make the wearer feel unique. Additionally, colour within the collection is an irreplaceable element!


Matttew Eyewear at Adelaide City Optometrist:

Matttew is a very valuable addition to the selection of frames that we stock at Adelaide City Optometrist. We have hand selected a variety of distinct Matttew frames that are incomparable to any other brand that we offer, and we think it’s a great fit for our cliental.

This is what one of our staff member’s think about the range.

“It’s such a bold and fun brand to suggest to people that are willing to step out of their comfort zone, because each frame features a detail that is unique.”

Here’s what one of our client’s said about their new Matttew frame’s:

“I love the shape and the brightness, it’s not just monochromatic colours, but there is a twist! They aren’t as fine as my previous frames, and I appreciate that they are a bit androgenous.”

Two of our clients wearing their Matttew frames:


Come in-store today to be blown away by the colours and craftmanship of Mattttew.