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Fashion and Functionality: Shields and Wrap-Around Sunglasses

  • by: Adelaide City Optometrist
  • November 6, 2023

It is not often that we pair fashion and functionality together. This is because for something to be fashionable, it needs to break boundaries. Creating something that has never-been-seen-before can require the fashion item to be uncomfortable, unpractical and unusual.

A fashion trend which has been quite consistent in 2023 are the wrap-around sunglasses and shields. The exciting thing about this trend is function and fashion are combined. In this blog we break down all things fashion and function and include the brands who are known for these pieces.



1. Designer Brands: High fashion sunglasses are typically associated with well-known luxury fashion brands like Gucci, Prada, Swarovski, Versace, and Louis Vuitton, among others. These brands often incorporate their signature design elements, logos, and craftsmanship into their sunglasses, making them instantly recognisable.

Fashion shield Swarovski


2. Unique Designs: High fashion sunglasses often feature unique and avant-garde designs that go beyond conventional eyewear styles. You’ll find a wide range of shapes, sizes, and materials, from oversized and embellished frames to avant-garde geometric shapes.

3. High-Quality Materials: Luxury sunglasses are crafted from premium materials. Frames can be made from acetate, metal, wood, or even precious metals, and lenses are often made of high-quality glass or superior-grade plastics that offer excellent clarity and UV protection.

4. Limited Editions: Some luxury brands release limited-edition or seasonal collections of sunglasses, adding an element of exclusivity to their products. Owning a pair of sunglasses from a limited collection can be a status symbol.

5. Runway Influence: High fashion sunglasses are often influenced by the latest runway trends. Fashion houses integrate these trends into their eyewear collections, ensuring that the sunglasses are aligned with their overall aesthetic for that season.


6. Celebrity Endorsements: Celebrities and fashion icons often don high fashion sunglasses, further elevating the desirability of these brands. When a well-known personality is seen wearing a particular brand of sunglasses, it can lead to increased demand.



Both wrap-around sunglasses and shields provide optimal performance and safety for the wearer.

Sport eyewear brands have been sponsors of major sports competitions such as the tour down under and more which requires them to be ahead of the game and the top of the performance ladder.

1. High Quality Brands: Brands such as Smith, Oakley and Carrera have all made excellent sports eyewear which aims at having a light and sturdy chassis, wrap-around designs which cut out all glare from the peripheral and strong, identifiable colourways.




2. Designs that are tested: Oakley’s lens material and frame geometric provide unsurpassed protection against high velocity and high-mass impact. Some of the testing includes dropping weighted objects and shooting objects at the frame to test how durable it is.

3. Enhances Performance: The quality and type of technology that goes into the lenses of the frames are known to improve and enhance colours, reduce glare and brightness and make the eyes comfortable whilst wearing them.



4. Functional for at least 5 types of sport: Wrap-around sunglasses and shields are perfect for sports like cycling, running (marathons or casual running), tennis, wearing to the beach, and even fishing. They are designed to ‘wrap’ around or ‘hug’ your face so there is no chance that they will fall off your face. It also prevents light bothering the peripheral of the eyes.

5. Eye protection: Some sports require you to go fast, which means wind and dust are likely to get in your eyes and can cause harm, eye infections and will mess up your game. The shields provide extra coverage of your eye area to prevent this.

In conclusion, high fashion shields are more than just functional eyewear; they are an art form and a status symbol. While they come with a higher price tag, they offer unparalleled quality, design, and a touch of luxury. These sunglasses are not just an accessory but a way to express your personality, elevate your style, and embrace the opulence of the fashion world.




ACO officially carry the Oakley brand now, so pop in store to browse the range. We also carry Smith, Carrera and Gucci which all have shields available in their collections.