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What Does Your Eye Colour Say About Your Personality?

  • by: Adelaide City Optometrist
  • May 15, 2019

Psychologists have recently associated different eye colours with unique personality traits. We have created a fun guide that explains which traits these eye colours are related to. Explore our fun test, to see if it is correct for you!


Blue Eyes

While most of us are actually born with blue eyes, they change within the first few weeks of life. Consequently, many people think that blue eyes resemble a youthful appearance. It is also said that people with blue eyes have a calm and peaceful personality, and are representative of wisdom and knowledge. If you have blue eyes, it’s time to brag! Psychologists say that you are immune to pain. Well, maybe not immune, but you can tolerate it several times more than people with other eye colours.


Green Eyes

If you have green eyes, you are relatively rare, and are often associated with mystery. People with green eyes are curious, very passionate in their relationships, and have a creative outlook on life. Although these people tend to get jealous easily, they possess large amounts of love. As green is considered a youthful, invigorating colour, you are known to bring vibrancy and compassion wherever you go. You also hold the reins well under pressure, and are both quick and decisive.



Brown Eyes

Brown is one of the most common eye colours, with approximately 55 percent of people having it. People with brown eyes are said to be independent, determined and self-confident. Yet, you never fail to remain humble. When people look at you, they get a sense of security and stability – you are known to be trustworthy. While you may want to act tough, your brown eyes portray how kind and sensitive you truly are. If you fall into the brown eyes category, it is known that you possess immense mental strength.


Hazel Eyes

People with hazel eyes are spontaneous and rarely back down from a challenge. If you have more green in your eyes, it is said that you are more mischievous. Those with more brown are said to be more approachable. However, compared to other eye colours, hazel eyes are viewed as more special as they change colour depending on your mood. You are strong, sensitive and secretive, and possess immense physical strength. You follow your heart and go after what you want when the moment is right.



So, we want to know, does the personality description above match your eye colour? Despite what psychologists say, we are all unique and possess our own quirks, weaknesses and strengths. We just hope you had fun comparing yourself to the science!