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Sunday Croquet with STCC

  • by: Adelaide City Optometrist
  • May 28, 2021


Croquet Explained: Croquet / noun /

a game in which two, three or four players use mallets (long wooden hammers) to hit wooden balls through small metal hoops (curves) fixed into the grass.


ACO’s day out at the South Terrace Croquet Club was an eventful afternoon on a warm Sunday. Adelaide City Optometrist are proud sponsors of the local Club and were invited to spend a day learning Croquet with the experts of the Club.

ACO and friends at the Croquet Club

The Croquet Club is located in a secluded spot at the junction of South and East Terrace in the parklands, surrounded by hedges, its truly an idyllic paradise! The Club itself was established in 1911 and has been quite successful ever since which is why it is still buzzing today. They offer ‘come and try’ sessions, competitions/tournaments, parties and corporate functions, making it a popular spot for many events, and it is definitely an underrated sport!


Teaching the young ones how to play


We started the warm afternoon off by having a spread of delicious food for lunch. Overlooking the courts, we had a splendid view. Then we had some lessons on the best technique to use whilst playing croquet. The experts taught us how to strategise and defeat the opponent and the best way to aim for the rectangular-shaped holes.



Split into fours with two per team, we all made our way around the courts and couldn’t have had more fun! 2 hours passed by very quickly and we’d all got the hang of the game and didn’t want to leave. We finished the day off with some dessert and photos.


This game taught us that slow and steady can win the race! And it doesn’t matter what age, you can enjoy this sport.


Thank you to the whole team at STCC, especially Suzy Tilley (Secretary) for being so accommodating! And inviting us out to play croquet!