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Smith Launches Sustainable Eyewear

  • by: Adelaide City Optometrist
  • October 15, 2020

Have you ever thought about the impact our glasses or lenses are having on the environment? Luckily, Smith is doing all the thinking on this topic for us. Earlier this year, on the 50th anniversary of National Earth Day, Smith Optics released its first sustainable collection. The collection features optical and sunglass models made out of recyclable plastics. The initiative from the brand goes back to their brand ethos of loving the outdoors and the environment, encouraging consumers to make an environmentally conscious decision every time they’re making a purchase.



Originating from Idaho in the United States, Smith was founded in 1965 focusing its products predominantly on snow wear. 50 years later, Smith is known around the world and is an industry leader in the fields of performance, advanced eyewear and helmets, and more. The ethos behind the Smith brand is for the wearer to seek outdoor adventures in snow, surf, and bike, without sacrificing fashion or looks.



Each frame is made out of 5 post-consumer water bottles and made from completely sustainable materials minus the hinges. Every pair also comes with a microfibre bag made from recycled plastic bottles and comes in packaging which is 100% recycled materials. Frame manufacturing is an extremely wasteful industry as well as the protective packaging and single-use plastic that often comes with it.

The CORE Collection embodies Smith’s responsibility to its community to deliver products that enable the brand to make consistent and measurable steps forward to reducing its environmental impact while helping promote and support the causes that affect the entirety of the outdoor and active communities as a whole.


Since the release of the sustainable collection in April, Smith has since made popular models such as Eastbank and Shoutout available in these recyclable plastics due to the popularity of the sustainable models.



This month we have expanded out of the sports range from smith and into their optical products. These optical frames can be made into all sorts from multifocal lenses, readers, bifocals, and more.  We feature a wide range of acetate, metal, and sustainable models to select from as well as being able to order in models at a customer’s request.


Our Smith sports range includes sunglasses/goggles suitable for cricket, cycling, fishing, basketball, and more. All our sports glasses can be made with prescription lenses including our wraparound sunglasses and our lenses can be made in any colour variable to suit you. Click here to learn about our colour options and what colour you should get to suit your sport.


If you’re wanting to make an environmentally conscious decision on your glasses, come in-store today to check out our newest Smith products. No matter what our optometrist thinks you need after your appointment, whether it’s sport, sunglasses, or just readers, we’ve got an option to suit you.