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Sofclear Enhance – 2 Pack


Add some colour to your life. Made in Australia.

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Sofclear colours contact lenses are a unique and vibrant range of fashion contact lenses. The colours and designs are inspired by Australia’s picturesque landscapes and stunning coastlines. Gelflex have created many striking designs that can be worn to give you the look you want.

With or without vision correction, Sofclear Colours are your ultimate fashion accessory.

With Gelflex cosmetic lenses, its far more than just fashion. We also understand that every contact lens must be comfortable to wear. All day. Every time.

Which is why every lens features our Radial Edge Technology that creates a very thin and super comfortable edge. The entire manufacturing process is built around ensuring you not only look good, but you feel great as well.

Sofclear Colours also come in the ‘Classic’ range and ‘Retro’ range.

Read our page on coloured contacts here.

Sofclear Enhance

Aqua, Evergreen, Neon Green, Royal Blue


Water 43%

Base Curve





Monthly replacement lenses


2 pack of lenses



As Australia’s only manufacturer of disposable contact lenses, Gelflex has been manufacturing lenses for over 45 years. We pride ourselves on our high-quality standards, but best of all working with Gelflex is easy.