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Menicon Progent


PROGENT cleans lenses and loosens and removes surface protein deposits after a short soak without manual rubbing.

Contains 7 treatments.


To ensure comfort, eye health and to prolong the life of gas permeable lenses, it is recommended that patients remove proteins with Menicon PROGENT bi-weekly.

Previously approved for office use only, this solution is now approved and available for patient home use as directed by an eye care professional.

Menicon PROGENT is a highly effective deposit and protein remover, a cleaner compatible with all RGP contact lenses. Simply soaking the lenses for 30 minutes will ensure the removal of deposits as well as the organisms most likely to contaminate lenses, including bacteria, fungus, molds and yeasts.

PROGENT provides deep cleaning for gas permeable lenses without the mechanical rubbing or abrasives used in conventional cleaning or polishing. In fact, it is ideal for the growing number of gas permeable lenses that have surface coatings for comfort that should not be mechanically cleaned or rubbed.

The PROGENT treatment is recommended every two weeks. The frequency may vary according to the condition of your lens. Follow your eye care professional’s directions (to a maximum of every 5 days).

Directions for use:

Empty contents of 1 A vial and 1 B vial into the Progent case(which is not provided with this product) then soak RGP(hard) lenses for 30 mins only, do not leave soaking overnight. Rinse lenses well with Eyeye saline or Menicare plus after soak. Clean out case after each use.