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Introducing Kaleos

  • by: Adelaide City Optometrist
  • March 29, 2021

“Kaleos reinvents the concept of contemporary glasses, combining design, fashion and luxury.” – Kaleos

Kaleos is a Spanish brand of high quality eyewear with a creative touch. This brand was established in 2013 and travelled across Europe at an incredible speed. Claudia Brontos, the Creative Director of Kaleos Eyehunters stated that they work with a new theme every 6 months to develop their optical and sunglass collections.


Fashion, innovation and quality are the values that inspire and guide Kaleos, but it is the brand’s creative structure that makes it stand out and ensures its success.


At Adelaide City Optometrist, we were very excited to be able to have this brand represented in our store as it introduces a fresh look on the traditional frames we have currently.



The choice of sunglasses are inspired by the Summer sun in Barcelona. We decided to choose the warm, brown tones as it is very stylish a the moment. You can notice that there are quite unusual shapes in this collection, as we like to pick out the frames that are different and catch people’s attention.




The optical choices were made on the basis of having more titanium and geometric shapes. Some of these shapes you wouldn’t see regularly in optical stores, as they are bold and unique.

You can find all these models available on our website to browse before coming in-store to try them on.