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How Sports Vision Can Help You

  • by: Adelaide City Optometrist
  • May 22, 2020
Basketball player with glasses

Sports vision is an area often overlooked when it comes to our health as many of us find it low on our vision priority list. However, did you know that improved sports vision can help with an assortment of skills in your everyday life and enhance your athletic performance? Cycling glasses, sports goggles and sports vision products alike have grown in popularity over the past few years are more athletes are beginning to wear them.

Sports vision can include a variety of abilities such as hand-eye coordination, focus, balance, visual acuity, and more. But how do you know if sports vision training will benefit you? Even the smallest of sports vision training for your eyes will improve your ability to complete many everyday tasks so read on to find out what it means, how and why it can help you, who can do it, and where you can get tested.


What does sports vision mean?

Sports vision is something we all possess and use every day without realising it. Examining one’s sports vision is the same as examining somebody’s visual abilities. Before improving one’s visual performance their visual abilities must be assessed and then addressed to improve.

Where can I get tested?

Here at Adelaide City Optometrist, We specialise in sports vision have done tests for a variety of athletes. Book your appointment now to find out how Paul Fotkou can help you take it to the next level.

Why should I do it?

Even the smallest of adjustments could help your visual performance to improve your sporting abilities. The small improvements could improve visual cues, increase dynamic visual acuity, visual skills, depth perception visual systems and more. Ultimately, there is nothing to lose by having your visual abilities examined as they can only get better from it!

What will happen in a sports vision consult?

When completing a sports consult, you will undergo a variety of tests that help to measure things such as reaction time, tracking, balance, eye dominance, and more. Once the comprehensive test is complete, our optometrist Paul Fotkou will give you an understanding of your vision and some exercises or recommendations to help improve it.


Now that you’re aware of how sports vision can improve your natural athletic abilities when incorporating this with a pair of prescription lenses, the improvements can be seen straight away.

Cycling sunglasses, prescription sunglasses, Kids sport glasses and wrap-around glasses for peripheral vision are our most commonly sort after sports sunglasses. But these glasses can be used for a variety of sports, not just those that we are used to seeing. Sports they can be used for include but aren’t limited to:


How can it help me?

Sports glasses or sports goggles can help their wearer in a variety of ways. They can allow you to see clearer and provide a safer environment for your eyes without giving up comfort or vision. Long term sun exposure will damage our eyes over time meaning that for avid sports players in Australia, wearing sports glasses could mean the difference in preventing future eyesight problems.

Can I have prescription lenses in my sports glasses?

Not sure about your prescription? Book an eye test today and we can help you find your prescription and pick the best frames/lenses for you. We specialise in the more difficult prescriptions out there meaning no matter how strong the power, we’ll make it work. We’ve previously produced prescription customers have been told are impossible. So, if you’ve been told you can’t have prescription sports glasses, you need to call us today!

What type of lenses can I get?

We offer any lenses you can already get in your regular glasses. These include transition, colour tints, reflective, and anti-fog. If we are ever concerned about your lens choice (ie. due to the design or how they may impair your vision) we will always let you know before ordering them so you’re getting the best quality for your new glasses. We also offer lens add ons such as fog free and UV protection. Here at Adelaide City Optometrist, we’ll proudly put Zeiss lenses into any sports frame.

Can I claim sports glasses with my health insurance?

Every person’s health insurance claims are different, whether it be based on their provider or the specific plan they are on. Most providers will allocate some of your balance to a pair of frames and some to your lenses. To find out these amounts, we can offer you a quote in-store or you can call your health insurance provider to find out the exact amounts available to you.

But what if I don’t like wearing glasses?

If you play sport with high physical contact levels (ie. playing basketball, soccer etc) we also offer a range of contact lenses in store. Transition contact lenses are our #1 recommendation for those who play outdoor sports in bright conditions.

ACO customer George showing off his cycling glasses

“I was told it couldn’t be done by the mainstream optometrists around Adelaide and that due to my prescription I would not be able to have wrap-around riding glasses. That was until I met Paul and his friendly team. They sourced a specific Adidas sports frame and arranged for prescription transition lenses to fit. The result is an extremely, lightweight, and comfortable pair of riding glasses. I am absolutely thrilled with the outcome.” – George, 2020


When creating sports glasses, we want to be sure that we are only using the highest quality lenses for our clients. For us at Adelaide City Optometrist, that means using Zeiss lenses. Zeiss is a company that has been in Australia making lenses for nearly 50 years! They use high technology to cut and produce their lenses individually for each client creating the best product possible. Any lenses you can use in prescription glasses, Zeiss have a matching one specifically for sport. Zeiss has a variety of lens specialities including single vision, progressive, office, EnergiseMe, digital, DriveSafe, multifocal, sports and more.

If you’re not sure what colour lenses you need for your sport, check out our easy guide below. Alternatively, you can book a frame consult with Nadia who can help you alongside Paul find the best frame and lenses to suit.

Colour Sports Glasses chart
A chart which shows what colour lenses are best for each sport.