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Home is on Hutt Street: Atelier Antifragile

  • by: Adelaide City Optometrist
  • June 2, 2022

We’re back with the Home is on Hutt Street series! This month we have decided to focus on Atelier Antifragile, which is located at 197A Hutt St, near the corner of Hutt and Halifax. The space is carefully curated with a mix of exhibition art pieces as well as retail. The very creative and intelligent soul, Alexandra Sideris is the brains behind the operation, and you will find her working away in the space throughout the week.

We were fortunate enough to speak with her about her new endeavour and about herself as an artist.


How long have you been creating artwork for?

From an early age, I’ve been working with my hands, making mud pies, and then more advanced versions of mud pies, and then graduating to making two and three dimensional artworks, objects, drawings.


What type of artwork do you create/curate at Atelier Antifragile? What is your favourite material to work with?

I get great pleasure from making. I like to work with a variety of materials, plaster is on the top of the list, as are semi precious stones, pearls, antique and ancient artefacts, paper, metal and wax (all food groups!). It varies depending on which medium I feel directed in pursuing.

Where do you draw your inspirations from?

My inspiration comes from nature and the every day vernacular of living a life.


Has your artwork been in any exhibitions? If so, what are some of the standouts?

I’ve had several shows in Sydney with my sculpture and many shows here in Adelaide of my jewellery. They are all memorable, you learn about yourself and your practice through those experiences. They can often indirectly influence your work. Antifragile is the first place I have shown a body of ceramic work. It is interesting being the shopkeeper and artist, I get to experience first hand how people respond to my work, it is a unique and surprising perspective.



Favourite piece(s) of art created (any particular meaning behind it)

I produced a body of sculptural work when I returned to University as a mature age student at The National Art school in Sydney. I developed techniques and processes which I have maintained and continued to explore in my practice. They were comprised of wax, pigment, metal and paper. It was an exciting time inside my head and my hands responded in kind.


Challenges as an artist. Was it easier working interstate or in Adelaide? (As an artist)

For most artists, the challenge is time to make. As you get older you realise time is an asset to be managed wisely, no time to squander those minutes. I am never short of inspiration, I’m fortunate in that regard. Now i have my own space, I’m making room to create within shop hours and whenever I have a little moment to myself, there’s beauty in letting your mind go and allowing your hands to enthusiastically follow.


Atelier Antifragile is open Wednesday-Saturday 11am-5pm. Drop in to say hi and to have a look at the incredible artwork that Hutt Street is fortunate enough to have. Visit Atelier Antifragile’s social media here.