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Emergency & Broken Glasses Repair

  • by: Adelaide City Optometrist
  • April 9, 2020

Stuck in isolation and broken or lost your only glasses frame? Or have you accidentally washed your contact lenses down the sink? Even during this time for self-isolation Adelaide City Optometrist can help with your glasses repair!


During this strange time, we’re doing our best to stay open and help you where we can. With enhanced cleaning practices and limiting the customers in our showroom, our store is still a safe and clean place you can come for your eye needs and frame repairs. Whether it’s a metal or plastic frame, we can fix your pair of glasses.



Sometimes losing or breaking your glasses can be more than just simply inconvenient, it can be extremely distressing, especially if they’re your only prescription glasses. Imagine accidentally stepping on your lenses and no longer being able to see anything within your close and far vicinity.


Luckily if disaster strikes, we can help. Adelaide City Optometrist can take your lens order, no matter the frame and have a 2-business day turn around for all single vision lenses. We use Zeiss to manufacturer our lenses, keeping plenty of Australians employed in an Adelaide site lab during this time of financial concern. If paid upfront, we can also post your lenses directly to you. So, you only need to visit us once before getting your vision back on track.



If you require to order a pair of emergency glasses or lenses, you’ll still need your prescription. For glasses, we may be able to take a reading from your old lenses or you can provide us with your past script.


Unfortunately, at this time our optometrist is not conducting eye tests but only seeing emergency clients limiting the amount of contact we have in our studio. Remember, it’s to keep us all safe.



If you’ve lost those pesky lenses don’t fear. We can have these replaced for you within 2 business days. If you’re an existing client, you can place your order over the phone based on your last refill or pop in to see us and order in person. Remember, if you haven’t ordered from us before, we’ll need a valid past prescription before we order your new lenses.


If paid in full, we can also have your lenses delivered directly to your door from our supplier. If wondering what happens with your health insurance rebate, we will send you a copy of your invoice and this can be sent directly to them. We also have all of your favourite solutions in stock available to be posted or picked up on the same day as purchase.



There are several small repairs we can do for you within the hour. Our simple request is that you please call us before stopping in to ensure we are keeping our showroom safe. If you’ve lost a screw, lost a nose pad or need your lenses popped back in; we can do all of that for you at Adelaide City Optometrist.

If your glasses are deemed “unfixable” we can help you find a new, perfect pair to take home and brighten up your day during this pandemic.



For any larger repairs, we may need up to a week’s turn around. If requiring frame care or have lost an arm/temple, we can order these in and have them ready for you as soon as possible.


We are still offering glasses fittings for those who may have damaged glasses beyond repair and assure you that every frame is being sanitised between each client. We have a variety of sunglasses, reading glasses and fashion frames available to take on the same day if not requiring new lenses. Please remember that for any fittings or repairs to book an appointment before stoping by our showroom.