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Frame Consultation

  • by: Adelaide City Optometrist
  • June 4, 2020

Choosing a frame can be daunting, but when guided by somebody you trust with a wealth of expertise, the decision becomes easy. We regularly hear customers often feel that when they’re choosing frames that they are just another number or just another sale.  To combat this, we’re wanting to make customers feel that they have someone genuinely interested in their frame requirements and are willing to spend the time with them to find the right one.  Thus, introducing our newest service, frame consults. Finding the right frame can be a challenge but with the help of our practice manager Nadia, you’ll be in good hands.


Nadia has been in the optical business for over 10 years and has a passion for frames that reflect the wearer but also push them out of their comfort zone. Responsible for selecting the frames in store, Nadia knows all our stock off the top of her head and straight away can come up with frames to suit your wants and needs. When selecting frames, Nadia looks at colour, shapes, sizes and trends.

“When selecting frames, I always go for something on trend that I haven’t seen before. Nobody wants to walk out the door feeling outdated or see somebody else wearing the same thing.”

Here at Adelaide City Optometrist, we never stock more than one of each frame to ensure that you feel confident in your decision and have it unique to you. We can however, always order in a frame or a different frame colour at a customer’s demand.

“Choosing a frame should be something special and not just like a regular shopping trip. It’s an experience that should be enjoyed by anybody no matter what their age, financial position or style preferences.” 

Got a specific frame in mind? Or have some questions for Nadia? You can always call or email us and speak to Nadia about the current frames in store and what you’re looking before your consultation so we have everything you need.




The frame consult service is a 45-minute time slot in which the studio will be all your own. During the consultation, we won’t be running any other appointments in our studio so that you’re guaranteed to have no interruptions.

Nadia considers many factors when choosing your frame. These include hair style/colour, face shape, likes/dislikes, use, comfort durability and more.

“Even if two people had identical faces and colouring, that doesn’t mean I would select the same frame for them both. I like to pick frames that reflect their wearers personality.”

This consultation comes at no charge and a no obligation to buy mentality. Even if we only point you in the right direction of your dream frame, we are happy to help.

“I love helping people find the frame of their dreams. Even if that frame isn’t here. The best part of my job is learning about my customers and helping them to learn on what best suits them too.”

We encourage bringing along a partner or a friend because we understand that sometimes a second opinion can put you at ease. We currently offer a limited number of these appointments per week and these must be booked over the phone.


How much will a pair of glasses cost me?

The cost of your frame and lenses will depend on the frame you pick, your prescription and the lenses required. The good news is we have plenty of options in regards to price to suit all of our clients. Most of our clients end up spending similar amounts to other chain stores in Adelaide and find something unique which they really like and that ticks all the boxes.

Can I claim my glasses on my health insurance?

We offer health insurance claims on all our frames and lenses. The amount you will get back is depend on your health cover and if you have purchased anything else in your calendar year. We can offer quotes at the time of ordering and you can also call your health insurance provider for more information.

Do you only offer bespoke glasses?

Many customers enquire about if we only offer our bespoke frames such as Pascali or Roger Henley and have nothing “mainstream” to select from. However, the majority of our frames in store are made by eyewear designers we choose to stock. Each frame in our store is individually selected due to its uniqueness and potential to provide somebody with their dream frame. If you’re looking for something nobody else will have, we’re the place for you!