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Do Lash Serum’s Really Work?

  • by: Adelaide City Optometrist
  • September 20, 2021

In the world of makeup and trends, women in particular tend to go the extra mile for the ‘right’ products to serve their purpose. Having naturally luscious and lengthy lashes are a dream come true for most people, unless you are blessed with them already. Makeup is a time consuming process, so when a new product is launched and states ‘effectiveness ‘easier to apply’ and ‘time saving’ this is valuable to the consumer.


Like any beauty products, lash serum’s are designed to enhance your natural beauty. But do they REALLY work? In this blog we’ll discuss everything you need to know about lash serums and if they can benefit you.


What is lash serum?

Eyelash serum’s are formulated to enhance and boost the growth of your natural lashes with vitamin enriched ingredients. Each serum contains different ingredients depending on the brand. Therefore, it is important to do your research so you can choose the one best suited to you. It is recommended to apply evenly over the lash line morning and night each day for the most effective results. (Results may show between 4 weeks-6 months depending on the product and hair growth.)

Eyelashes, just like hair, are made up of protein. Amino acids help build, nourish and repair any damage to your natural eyelashes. The acids are also an active ingredient in many lash serums.


What are the active ingredients?

The following ingredients can be found in a variety of lash serum’s currently on the market:

Keratin – a protein naturally found in hair, responsible for the strength and structure of the hair

Biotin – supplements the hair with what it need’s to grow and stay healthy

Sodium Hyaluronate – retains moisture

Panthenol (Vitamin B5) – conditions the lashes

Peptides – believed to stimulate hair growth to the follicle

‘Prostaglandin’ derived ingredients – encourage the lashes to enter the growth phase of the lash growth cycle, and helps prolong this stage. This is a base to some lash serums.

Botanical extracts – various nourishing benefits

Other vitamins – promote healthy lashes


Side effects of Prostaglandin

The prostaglandins are a group of lipids made at sites of tissue damage or infection that are involved in dealing with injury and illness. Prostaglandin is used to treat a condition of the eye called Glaucoma, and one positive side effect from this was found to be lash growth. From that realisation, prostaglandin-based lash serums were born. Negative side effects for this lipid can include: red, itchy eyelids (more common) and eye discolouration, swollen retina and blurry vision (more rare). This should only be used if experiencing hair loss and should be identified by an Optometrist first before use (prescription)


Lash serum VS Lash extensions VS Mascara

When comparing the various ways that you can enhance your natural lashes, it is important to understand that there will be benefits and negative side effects to each one. It is a matter of choosing the option which benefits you the most.




  • Mascara is not only great for volumising your lashes but also give them a bold look and colour.
  • There are waterproof options so it will stick to your eyelashes for longer


  • It can be pricey, but the cheaper alternatives may compromise quality of the product (clumpy, watery)
  • Chemicals! Need i say more? This can cause a lot of eye discomfort/scratching and infections, especially if not removed correctly or at all.
  • Can break and ruin your lashes when removing the product (pulling, scrubbing at the lashes)
  • Blepharitis/dry eye



*More info on lash extensions in our ‘Dangers of Lash Extensions’ blog post*


  • Gives a more natural look, especially with high quality lashes
  • Fall out naturally with your own lashes
  • Fixed to your lashes so you don’t need to spend time taking them off and putting them back on each day


  • Lash extensions are heavier so they can cause your natural lashes to fall out more often and not grow back as strong
  • If not looked after properly, can cause blepharitis (itchy, irritated skin around the lash line). Adelaide City Optometrist stock the product Blephadex (comes in a foam or wipes) which combat these skin conditions if you can’t live without the extensions
  • Lash extensions are costly, as you need to have them refilled every 3-4 weeks and the price ranges from $120-$180.




  • More cost-effective
  • Depending on the size of the bottle, the lash serum should last you 3-6 months if used as directed. This is saving a lot of money in comparison to a mascara which you would need to throw out once it becomes dry and clumpy, and the price comparison for lash extensions.
  • Strengthens and conditions natural lashes
  • Vitamin induced to keep your lashes healthy
  • Avoids blepharitis and irritated skin around hair follicles
  • Prolongs the life of eyelash extensions if you decide to continue to have them
  • More sustainable for the environment (no harsh chemicals)
  • Saves time (quick to apply)


  • Takes 3-4 months to see initial growth and it can be subtle for a while
  • There is still not as much research on lash serum’s as they haven’t been around for as long as extensions and mascara.
  • Can cause temporary lash shedding, this could be because the lashes are in the telogen phase which is the last phase before they fall out.
  • Any side effects such as unwanted hair growth, increased iris pigmentation or itchy, red eyes, discontinue use immediately and see a doctor.


There are a few well-known brands in Australia such as Eyenvy and Latisse which promote natural lash enhancement.

Over the counter or prescription lash serum?

It all comes down to the individuals preference, but over the counter options are more affordable and aren’t backed by the TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration). The results may come a bit later as well. Prescription lash serum’s are scientifically proven to result in fuller lashes and have friendly options that work well with contact lens wearers (more gentle) and eyelash extensions.


Are lash serums worth it?

There is still extensive research to be done on lash serum’s and how well they work. Each individual will experience a different level of length growth depending on their genetics and vitamin intake. Based on the benefits of a lash serum, it will strengthen and keep your lashes healthy but there is no guarantee that it will increase the growth of your natural lashes.

We hope this blog post on lash serum’s answered some of your questions surrounding the different options out there. If you are experiencing Blepharitis or dry eye symptoms as mentioned above, book an eye test for the best treatment options.