Meet our Store, Adelaide City Optometrist

Adelaide City Optometrist is the reborn version of Family Vision, originally founded in 1999 in the Parisian end of town. Family Vision immediately became a meeting point for the local city urbanites. Fast forward 17 years and we continue to attract locals with a need for eye care, appreciation for unique eyewear and an appetite for fun. Our goal is to offer Adelaide the newest, greatest and most reputable brands. Follow us on social media to stay tuned to all latest releases! Along with practicing the highest level of care the practice provides management for conditions such as, cataract, macula degeneration, glaucoma, diabetes, keratoconous, conjunctivitis and a special interest in Dry eye treatment.



Meet our Optometrist, Paul Fotkou


“I continue to be amazed at how the simple paradigm of two lenses, a bridge and temple is re-imagined and again in such fantastic and extraordinary ways”
Paul Fotkou

Name: Paul Fotkou  or "Pascali" greek heritage.

Role: Independent Optometrist

How long have you been an optometrist: I am approaching 20 years in my field. In 1998 I entered the world of aberrations. Where has the time gone!

What do you love about your job: Travelling. I have been lucky enough to visit some incredible places because of work! From going to the optical trade fairs in Paris & Milan is a highlight of each year, to working in remote indigenous communities in South Australia or through the South Pacific!

Favourite specs and why: The Aviator. Being a 70's child, I have always been drawn to the simplicity of a fine stainless steal teardrop shape. And they also suit big heads. Coincidentally, I have a big head!

Most interesting customers: I am lucky to deal with a wide variety of people from the arts to the sciences. Being involved with aviation, I always get drawn into to old veterans stories. I was fortunate enough to have been shown through the Solomon Islands and role it played in World War 2 in the Battle of Guadalcanal. The Allies commenced their first major offensive against the Imperial Japanese Navy in 1942.

Cool fact about you: I am nut for vintage things, glasses, watches...

Favourite food: My food palette is simple. I am very appreciative of all foods.  Please no desserts, I cannot resist.

Spare time: No spare time with 2 children and a newborn baby!

Best Adelaide bar/restaurant: Bar Torino, (they're Local)