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Coloured Contact Lenses: Who Wears Them And Why?

  • by: Adelaide City Optometrist
  • April 1, 2020

Coloured contacts have been around for years but have recently come out of hiding thanks to a few notorious celebrities. They can be used every day or as a once-off but how do you know if coloured contacts are right for you? We’ve gone through the basics of coloured contact lenses to let you shop and give you all the information in one place.

There’s a lot of different reasons people wear coloured contacts, but ultimately, it’s a personal decision. But here are the top reasons why people wear them.


1.  To initially change up their everyday look

Some people have always been jealous of those with blue eyes, or that glistening green that look so good on redheads. Changing your eye colour can seem daunting but once you try, it becomes hard to stop. It’s best to begin your coloured contacts journey with a more natural eye colour. Simply put, don’t go from a brown to a bright blue if you’re wanting them to stay subtle and under the radar. Melania Trump is an example of someone who uses a subtle colour change in her everyday life, at public or fancy dress events she can always be seen with her blue eyes but in private show off her natural brown

2.  To stand out amongst the crowd

Some people love to make a lasting impression or be more noticeable amongst their peers and changing up your eye colour is an easy way to do this. Whilst most coloured contact wearers go for something subtle along the lines of their browns, hazel, blues and greens; some like to go for more daring choices such as purple, grey/white or even a two-tone lens. Common examples of people wearing colour contacts to stand out are for auditions or on first dates/meetings to ensure they stick in someone’s mind. An example includes celebrities wearing coloured contacts at red carpet events to give that show-stopping feel to their look.

3.  To bring their costume to life

Another common reason coloured contacts are worn is for those who love to dress up. Whether it only on Halloween or for frequent cosplay lovers, coloured contacts are an easy way to finish off your look. Frequent dress-ups now which involve coloured contacts are:

–   White/ice blue contact lenses for the White Walkers from Game of Thrones

–  Red contact lenses for vampires

–  Orange contact lenses for werewolves

–  And black contact lenses for possessed characters.

4.  And for their work.

Actors and models are often required to wear coloured contact lenses for the jobs to make a role or to stand out amongst their competitors. During the filming of Game of Thrones, Maisie Williams’ character Arya Stark becomes temporarily blind. During the filming, she chose to wear coloured contacts over CGI editing to make it appear more realistic.

Book an appointment now with our optometrist Paul Fotkou to brush up your prescription and discuss your best contact lens options.


Can I wear coloured contact lenses even though I have a prescription?

Yes! Prescription coloured contact lenses can be made in a wide variety of prescriptions and even those who don’t need one! If unsure, you should always ask your optometrist before buying some. Keep in mind though, that you will need to purchase 2 packs of lenses if your prescription for each eye is different.

How do I choose between all the types of contact lenses available?

Like regular contacts, there are multiple brands, colours and types of contact lenses out there. Firstly, we recommend speaking to your regular eye-care professional to determine your prescription, the quantity required, colour and type you would be using. From this, you will be able to decide with your optometrist on the best type of contact lenses to suit your needs. At Adelaide City Optometrist we stock a variety of high quality coloured contact lenses and lens care solutions. Make sure you visit us to discuss with an eye doctor your eye health and safety before wearing your first pair.

Does the colour in my contact lenses fade over time?

No, the colour will not fade over long periods of time or wear.

Can I share the use of my coloured contacts?

No, even without vision correction lenses, sharing the use of contact lenses may result in serious health conditions. Even if your lenses are purely for cosmetic reasons, they should only be worn with direction from your optometrist.

Where can I get coloured lenses from?

Adelaide City Optometrist has a variety of colour contact lens options available and online with free delivery! Some of our range include Air Optix, Freshlook and Precision Daily.

How do I know what colour is best for me?

There's such a large range of coloured eye contacts available now that it can seem overwhelming to purchase your first pair. Luckily we have a pre-made guide to help you find those answers along the way. Taking into account your pre-existing hair and natural eye color, we show you the best colours to choose to suit your natural features. Light eyes are often thought to suit any colored contact lens but don't worry dark eyes can too!


If your question doesn’t appear here, please seek your answers direct from Alcon.