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Coloured Contact Lenses

With coloured contacts becoming more of a trend, it’s easy to get carried away and order your first pair online. But how do you know you’re using them correctly and you’ve ordered the right colour for you? We’re making it easy to find all the ins and outs of coloured contacts in one place.


How to choose the right colours for you

It important that when you order your first pair of coloured contact lenses, that you’re not getting carried away. If you’re not a regular contact lens wearer, don’t immediately order 3 months’ worth with the idea of wearing them immediately every day. These things take trial and error because you want to look and feel the best they possibly can. After making an appointment with your optometrist about what would best suit your needs, you can begin to think about colours.


Finding the correct colour for you can take a lot of trial and error but we’ve decided to take the guesswork out of this for you! Taking into account your natural hair and natural eye color, we’ve made a chart to easily find the colours to highlight your already-there features. Light eyes such as blue/green are commonly thought to work with more colours but this isn’t the case. Our colour lenses are of high quality and come in a range of colours to complement almost every colour eye.

Of course, this chart is only a recommendation that isn’t a necessity to follow! Feel free to go bolder or more subtle if you please. We have the Alcon Air Optix and Freshlook available online with vision correction lenses.




How to insert/remove

Inserting and removing your coloured contact lenses are no different from your regular contact lenses but can be a little tricky if you’ve never done either before! Inserting/removing your lenses correctly can involve some trial and error and a little patience but are worth the wait when you see the final product!

Can I wear makeup when I wear my coloured contacts?

Of course! Many people wear make-up on a day to day basis and your newly coloured eyes will only be enhanced with makeup. But always try to avoid getting makeup on the lenses directly. You should always insert your contact lenses before applying eye makeup and remove your lenses before taking it off. For those with sensitive eyes, there is a range of makeup available for use with contact lenses to ensure your experience is hassle-free.


How do I care for my coloured contacts? 

Caring for your colored contact lens is no different than caring for your regular lenses, when not done properly, incorrect lens care may put your eye health and safety at risk. There are various drops and solutions available to clean, disinfect and store contact lenses. Disposable and non-disposable colour contact lenses should be cleaned and disinfected following instructions from both the lens supplier and your optometrist. You can also use both your cleaning solutions and contact lens comfort drops with your coloured contact lenses. Always ask your optometrist what solutions or drops you should be using when trialling a new product. If you are experiencing any eye allergies we recommend you stop wearing contacts and visit you optometrist as soon as possible.


When do I dispose of my coloured contacts? 

The reuse and disposal of your coloured contact lenses can be determined by the type you have purchased. Some are designed for daily wear/nightly removable and can last up to 2 weeks with proper storage. Some contact lenses are designed to be worn once and then disposed of straight after. Speak to your regular optometrist or eye doctor on which lenses are right for you and how to dispose of them after use.


Hiroyuki Sanada is a Japanese actor most known for his appearance in movies such as The Wolverine, Last Samurai, Avengers: Endgame and the upcoming Mortal Kombat movie. Currently living in Los Angeles, Sanada visited us in August 2019 whilst in Adelaide for leisure. Whilst in the studio, Sanada spoke about living in LA and about his character in The Last Samurai movie alongside Tom Cruise.

Josh Lawson is an Australian actor best known for his work in House of Lies, Anchorman 2 and The Campaign. Lawson is Brisbane born and regularly travels back from the United States to visit his home country. Lawson visited us in May 2019 and spoke with Paul about adjusting to American filming styles, portraying an accent and having glasses since he was a child.

Martin Freeman is an American actor most commonly known for his appearance in Sherlock Holmes, The Hobbit trilogy and Blank Panther. Freeman was visiting Adelaide during 2016 before deciding to visit our studio’s optometrist Paul Fotkou. Freeman spoke with Paul about his family and personal life which gave us a very modest and enlightening look into life as a movie star.



Do I need to have a prescription to wear colour contacts?

No you don’t need a prescription wear colour contact lenses. However, if you haven’t worn contact lenses before you should book in a time with your local optometrist to learn how to properly insert, clean and care for them. Incorrectly handling your contact lenses could severely damage your eyes leading to injury or illness.

Will they look real?

Unfortunately, not every colour or brand of coloured contact lenses will be guaranteed to look real or as they do in photos. This is because every persons eyes are different and will react to different, shades, colours, original eye colour and fittings differently.

Can I wear colour contacts and my glasses?

Yes, you can wear your coloured contact lenses even while you’re wearing glasses.

How long can I wear them for?

Coloured contact lenses come in a variety of types which change the length you can wear them for. Some lenses may be disposable daily lenses meaning they are to be worn once than thrown out. There are some products where you reuse the lenses for a certain period of time. However, it is important that they are replaced, cared for and discarded in the correct time frames.

How much do they cost?

Prices of colour contact lenses will differ depending on the product you buy. Here at Adelaide City Optometrist we have 2 types of colour contact lenses available and they cost $28-$49.

Should I have an eye check first?

Definitely! The first step on the journey to coloured contact lenses is an eye test to determine if you need a pair to help you correct your vision. Following this your eyes should be measure to help find a pair that will fit you best and cause the least discomfort. At Adelaide City Optometrist, we offer a specific contact lens consult in which we can help you find the best product for you and help you learn to insert, remove and care for your contact lenses.

What types or colours can I get?

They types and colours for coloured contact lenses are endless. The standard colours they are manufactured in are blue, green, brown and grey. However, they can also be bought in your more exciting colours such as gold/amber, purples and brighter versions of the original colours. There are also costume lenses which span further than your regular everyday wearing lenses. There are lenses made for dress ups (eg. Werewolf eyes, vampire etc) and colours such as pure black and red.

Where can I buy coloured contact lenses?

Coloured contact lenses can be purchased at most optometrists. Here at Adelaide City Optometrist we can order in coloured contact lenses specifically for you. We have 2 types of coloured contact lenses online which are the Freshlook One Day Colours and the Air Optix Colour Lenses. We are also happy to offer free delivery for orders over $100.