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Choosing The Right Colour For Your Skin Tone

  • by: Adelaide City Optometrist
  • April 17, 2019

Have you ever tried on glasses or an item of clothing and wondered what it is that’s just not working? Well, it may be because of your colour choice on your skin tone. Colour analysis can be an extremely useful tool. It encourages you to consider the role of your complexion in your wardrobe, and points you towards a palette that suits you. At Adelaide City Optometrist, we are here to help. Check out our guide to understanding your skin tone, and choosing the right colours to wear.

The Four Seasons

There are four general seasons that skin tones fall into: summer, autumn, winter and spring. Discover which season best describes you, followed by our recommendations on which colours might suit you best!

Summer – Soft, Light, Cool

Skin: Cool undertone. Low contrast between hair and skin. Cheeks turn a cool, rosy colour when you blush.
Hair: Light blonde to medium brown. Cool, ashy undertones.
Eyes: Blue, grey-blue, cool green, grey-brown, slate.

Your colouring is the most delicate and understated. Here’s your colour palette, in which you receive compliments in pastel shades of sage, rose and periwinkle.




Autumn – Soft, Deep, Warm

Skin: Warm, golden undertone. Rich overall colouring. Low contrast between skin, hair and eyes.
Hair: Mid-brown to black, or medium to deep red. Golden or red undertones.
Eyes: Hazel, medium to black-brown, olive or warm green.

Your colouring is earthy, golden and natural. Moss, rust and terra cotta attract many compliments.






Winter – Clear, Deep, Cool

Skin: Cool or olive undertones. High contrast between skin, hair and eyes, or a deep overall colouring.
Hair: Ashy mid-brown or dark brown to black. Cool undertones.
Eyes: Mid-brown to black-brown, grey-blue, clear blue, cool green.

Your colouring is crisp and distinctive. While winter skin tones vary considerably, bold shades, black and jewel tones are a standout.





Spring – Clear, Light, Warm

Skin: Clear, warm undertone. Cheeks turn a peachy colour when you blush. Light skin for your ethnicity.
Hair: Light blonde to medium brown, or strawberry blonde. Golden or red undertones.
Eyes: Clear blue, turquoise, green, hazel or light brown.

Your colouring is bright and sunny! You receive compliments in bright shades of turquoise, watermelon and salmon.