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PASCALI Eyewear is a range of unique eyewear, designed and made in Adelaide. The man behind the brand is Paul Fotkou, owner of Adelaide City Optometrist.

Designed with contemporary trends in mind and a vintage touch, Pascali is designed to give its wearer a special feeling knowing their frames are one of a kind.

  • Pascali Andy Admiral Blue

  • Pascali Andy Cherry Red

  • Pascali Andy Fluro

  • Pascali Andy Racing Green

  • Pascali Bass Choc Caramel

  • Pascali Bass Honeycomb

  • Pascali Bass Klein Blue

  • Pascali Bass Matt Charcoal

  • Pascali Ellis Charcoal

  • Pascali Ellis Oyster

  • Pascali Ellis Royal

  • Pascali Ellis Tort

  • Pascali Harry Charcoal

  • Pascali Harry Dark Green Tort

  • Pascali Harry Meringue

  • Pascali Harry Moss

  • Pascali Helena Barbie Pink

  • Pascali Helena Horn

  • Pascali Helena Licorice

  • Pascali Helena Pansy

  • Pascali James Blue Stripes

  • Pascali James Ruby

  • Pascali James Tort Sage

  • Pascali Lexi Cashew

  • Pascali Lexi Dark Tort

  • Pascali Lexi Licorice

  • Pascali Lexi Moss

  • Pascali Ocean Blue

  • Pascali Pascali Cosmic

  • Pascali Pascali Forest Green

  • Pascali Pascali Tort

  • Pascali Sarah Ebony&Harmony

  • Pascali Sarah Sky Tort

  • Pascali Sarah Tangello

  • Pascali Sarah Tort