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ACO Grand Opening

  • by: Adelaide City Optometrist
  • March 28, 2024

During late February, the ACO team threw a belated Grand Opening for their Gilles Street location. ACO opened their Gilles Street store during June 2023.


New Optometry Practice on Gilles Street

We asked ACO’s owner and optometrist, Paul Fotkou, about what this move meant for ACO?

“Toilets. Welcome to the 21st century! We’ve gone from one outdoor dunny to multiple bathrooms. We’ve also moved into a location that really showcases the products that we offer, with much more wall space to display our optical stock. Additionally the building is flooded with beautiful natural light.”

“We’re still located in the CBD which is central, but also within walking distance for a lot of our clientele.”

“One thing we do miss, relocating from Hutt Street to Gilles Street, is all of the cafes. However, more space allows us to focus on digging deep, treating people with specific vision issues, such as concussion or strokes, etc. With more space, our team can also focus on our in-house eyewear brand: Pascali. We have the flexibility to expand utilising the second floor of the building as well, so that we can offer more specialised care. It’s one step at a time.”

A beautiful new shop definitely deserved a grand opening night and that it was. 

It was a successful evening filled with great wines from the Ministry of Clouds, fabulous canapes from our neighbour Etica, and for the sweet tooth; delicious gelato by Canela Cartels


The night would not have been a success without the brilliant company of lottery picked clients. The night was accompanied by soft melodies from the cellist. A lot of efforts were made by everyone to make this a memorable night.

“We had a great opening night, and hopefully we can use that template for many more events, where we celebrate great eyewear, and friends of the business.”


“My son Harry had an overdose of sugar. Much like that scene out of the 1960’s movie, Oliver, where he says please Sir, I want some more.”

A big congratulations to Paul as his vision for the Gilles Street location has finally come to fruition! 

If you haven’t visited the new location yet – pop in to say hi, or, book an eye test!

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